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Exploring the Enchanting Surroundings

Nestled in the embrace of unspoiled nature, Temuri Resort offers a gateway to a myriad of enchanting experiences. From thrilling wildlife safaris and invigorating hiking trails that lead to panoramic vistas to serene beachside retreats where the ocean's melody serenades the soul — each day promises unforgettable encounters.

Unveil the secrets of ancient ruins, immerse in the vibrant local culture, and embark on breathtaking boat excursions to remote islands. Whether you seek adrenaline-fueled escapades or tranquil moments of solitude, our location opens a world of unparalleled adventures at your fingertips. Indulge in the harmony of nature's wonders and create memories that will linger long after your departure.
43 Km

Yala National Park

50 min
31 Km

Ridiyagama Safari Park

41 min
25 Km

Birds Park Hambantota

28 min